A Day In…

“A Day In…” is a concept I came up with whilst recently travelling through Europe. Stopping in cities for only a couple of days meant that in order to see everything I had to be completely on the ball.

The idea is that these short films are generated in a single 24 hour period; all the clips are filmed an edited in that one day. No public transport is used and no entrance fees to parks or attractions are paid. I want this to show just how much you can see and do simply on foot, and encourage you lot to get out there and do the same! I hope you enjoy…


Flanking the River Douro, the coastal city of Porto is a throwback to a former century with ageing red-tiled houses lining steep, uneven cobbled streets. It is famous for its namesake fortified wine, Port, with the Douro acting as the main transport link to the vineyards stretching inland towards the border with Spain.

The city itself is built around food and wine, with countless affordable restaurants and bars allowing the tourist to gorge in local cuisine and learn about the history of wine trade between Portugal and the UK. With the streets rising either side of the river, there are countless viewpoints looking in every direction the compass can point. It is a truly fantastic city, one of my favourites, and with everything from historical to modern culture you get a true sense that you are experiencing a genuine Portuguese culture; it has something for every traveller.

Check out the full video here.


The capital of Portugal is also it’s largest city, and this hilly coastal town is a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. It is an extremely busy place, even in the off season, with countless viewpoints, monuments, restaurants and bars to explore.

Indeed my lasting impression of this city was that it is distinctly unlike any other place in Portugal. The traditional nature of Porto and other smaller towns to the south are replaced here by sellers of cheap souvenirs, beggars, and competitive restaurant owners all trying to cash in on the boom of tourists that flood to the city every year. If you can look past the noise and sometimes overbearing intensity of the city, it does have secrets to reveal and if you explore the back streets you can still find some beautiful religious buildings or small local bars to enjoy. Know what to expect, go in the off season, and hopefully you can find a small slice of Portugal in this undeniably beautiful city.

Check out the full video here.



Simply one of the most stylish and beautiful cities in Europe, the people of Biarritz are equally as enviable as the city itself. It is unapologetically French, with chic espresso houses transcending into beautiful wine bars after noon. Everything has the appearance of being refined, including the people, and with two beautiful beaches within stumbling distance of the town itself it is no wonder the people here are content.

Whether it is the eye-catching Rocher de la Vierge, or the beautiful Art Deco Aquarium de Biarritz, there is plenty to see if you feel like stretching your legs. You’ll be pushed to find that motivation however, and it is easy to spend an entire day just watching the world go by in one of the beachside bars.

Check out the full video here.